Slaters 70138P - 7mm Decal - 14 Ton Wagon Anglo Persian Oil Cp.

Slaters 70138P - 7mm Decal - 14 Ton Wagon Anglo Persian Oil Cp.


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Slaters 7m Press Fix Decal - 14 Ton Wagon Anglo Persian Oil Cp.

Suitable for Slaters kit S7056 14 Ton Cylindrical Tank Wagon.

Wagon not included.

Press Fix Transfers - Method of application

The transfer sheet is composed of adhesive backed characters on a clear tissue carrier film, sandwiched to a paper backing film and protected by a waxed tissue film.

Place the sheet on a flat surface with the tacky side uppermost.  Cut around the required character with a sharp modelling knife, and carefully peel away from the backing sheet.  Apply in position on your model with firm finger pressure, and then rub over the face of the transfer with a biro or similar rounded instrument taking care that the transfer does not move during the process.

When the whole area of the transfer has been rubbed down, wet the carrier film with water, wait a few minutes and then carefully peel the carrier film away from the transferred character.  Remove surplus water with absorbent tissue and proceed with the next character.

For beginners it is a good idea to have some trial runs on a plain flat surface before attempting to letter a model, but once the basic technique of application has been grasped lettering becomes quick and simple.

 To protect your lettering from damage and to give your model a realistic dull finish, coat it with a matt varnish.

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