Axlebox Bearing Cutting Tool for 4mm Wagons & Coaches

Axlebox Bearing Cutting Tool for 4mm Wagons & Coaches

Axlebox Bearing Cutting Tool for 4mm Wagons & Coaches


Product Information


This tool is designed to drill out, and enlarge, axle box holes in 4mm wagons and coaches.  It can be used in 00 / EM and P4 track gauges.  Once the holes are drilled out, 2mm top hat or plain bearings can be inserted for pin point axles.

Using the Tool

Set the drill to the required depth, this will vary with different manufacturer’s models. A good starting point is to measure the distance between the W-Irons. The standard axle length is 26mm and with bearings at each end 27mm. Lima axles are 24.5 long. Ensure the drill is fixed, tightening the grub screw with the supplied Allen key.

To ensure the drill is cutting in the correct direction hold the tool between the fingers with the drill to the top.  The correct direction for the drill is left to right facing you.  Adjust the tool with the plain end in one axle hole and the drill bit in the opposite hole.

Hold both axleboxes tightly between the fingers, and using the supplied spanner, turn the nut on the tool to cut the hole in the axle box.  Ensure the tool remains square to both axle holes, of course, making sure the cutting depth is not greater than the axle box depth.

The width of the tool may require adjusting to maintain its tight fit between the axle boxes.  When the correct depth has been drilled remove tool and repeat on other side, then insert bearings. 

It is suggested that the drilled hole is slightly chamfered to let the top hat bearing flange sit flush with the face of the axle box, this is not required with the plain bearings. This tool will drill white metal however is not recommended for use with brass axleboxes.




Cutting Tool,Drill, Allen Key & Spanner provided.


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